Lake Tahoe Commercial Real Estate

Carnelian Bay 7-11

Carnelian Bay 7-11

CARNELIAN BAY        7-11    SOLD by Michael Willette

The purchase will consist of three components:

first, the owners goodwill. What you will pay the Business Owner and what you will sell to your eventual Buyer … $119,000

second, the one time franchise fee to 7-11 which is based on 12 months of gross revenues … $59,000

third, you must buy the store inventory $50k to $60k from 7-11. You must pay a minimum of … $15,000

You have an account into which all your profits reside. You pay-off the inventory over time and build equity in that account from which you can draw your income. When the store sells the inventory when you sell, you are reimbursed when you sell the store for your equity in the inventory.


Owner Goodwill         …       $119,000

Franchise fee                …       $59,000 (based on gross revenues for previous 12 months)

In-Store Inventory      …        $15,000  (remaining balance financed by 7-11)

7-Eleven will finance up to 75% of franchise fee

Application / qualification  process  apprx 2 weeks

Prospects begin with 3 day orientation in Dallas.  Room and Board at Buyer’s expense

Six weeks in-store training  (Citrus Heights closest location)

7-Eleven takes 49% from $1m grossing store / $1.4m > 50.1%   /  $1.7m > $50.9%

Current Lease until 2020  plus five yr option

Property Details

Priced at $119,000
201 Carnelian Bay Road
Carnelian, CA 96140

Square Feet: 5000
Current Use: Convenince Store
Occupants: Franchisee
Acres: n/a
View: Lake
Zoning: n/a
Plan Area: Carnelian Bay
Parking Spaces: 9
ADA Status: Pending
BMP Status: Pending
Sewer Status: Pending
Loan Amt: n/a
Gross Income: n/a
Expenses: n/a
Net Income: n/a
Year Built: n/a

Status: SOLD
Sub Status: