Lake Tahoe Commercial Real Estate

Extraordinary Commercial Opportunity in North Lake Tahoe

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Inside Track’s End-of -Year State of the Market Newsletter

The  Inside Track  Newsletter,  delivered to personal clients throughout the year,  presents readable, informative and hopefully entertaining information specific to what you want to know about Lake Tahoe real estate and the fascinating issues that surround development initiatives   …  and its adversaries. What the Inside Track is not   is a cut-and-paste newsletter from boilerplate marketing designed only to ‘touch’ the client with a logo and a name.  We’re better... Read more »

The Whole Story: The Village at Squaw Valley This link will bring you all there is to know – pending the outcomes of  public input – about the Village-at-Squaw Valley Phase I Development.      Read more »

Michael Willette’s Commercial Transactions

The following will give you an idea as to the extent of my experience in transacting commercial real estate in Lake Tahoe.  There is no one in the Lake Tahoe market that comes close to this experience …  and in no other area of real estate is experience more important to success. Commercial and Business Opportunities Represented by Michael Willette  Read more »

The Future of Squaw Valley and Why It Will Challenge the North Lake Tahoe Economy

A Squaw Valley ‘Primer’.                                                                                                                                                             August 15 2012   The planned expansion of 83 acres of mostly parking lot is named  “Squaw Valley Olympic Village”, on the plan submitted... Read more »

Michael Willette’s INSIDE TRACK Newslettter May 2012

The INSIDE TRACK is quarterly newsletter that promises to be both readable and informative  … and delivers.    It is a widely requested and referred to many people who are not clients but interested in the Lake Tahoe real estate market.    This is because the INSIDE TRACK is a not cut-and-paste real estate boilerplate designed to do nothing more than put a name in front of you.  The INSIDE TRACK is written by me and brings you relevant and readable information from an author with 30... Read more »

Buying a Business or Commercial Real Estate in Lake Tahoe

Investing in a Lake Tahoe commercial venture often involves ‘cutting the umbilical cord’ from your current work and lifestyle … is a residential real estate broker the one you want to guide you through such a significant process? The best of the many fine residential real estate brokers frequently refer their commercial and business opportunities to Michael Willette. Why? Buying a Business Opportunity The decision to buy a commercial or business opportunity is among the most... Read more »